Birth Doula & Postpartum Services

*A sliding scale available for single mothers and low-income families.

My birth doula package includes the following services:

Prenatal Visits
During 2 prenatal visits (3 hours each) I will listen to your concerns and answer questions about pregnancy and childbirth with the goal of developing your own approach to birthing. I can offer you detailed information and scientific evidence to make decisions about your birth preferences. I am trained to explain the stages of labour, provide tips on pregnancy health, as well as guide you through breathing and relaxation techniques, develop skills on how to manage the fear-tension-pains, as well as discuss postpartum care and breastfeeding positions among other topics you may be interested in.

Pregnancy Contact
I will be available by phone, what's up, zoom or e-mail during the length of your pregnancy prior to labour and up to two weeks during post-partum, supporting you with information and care for a healthy pregnancy, a safe childbirth and the well-being of your family during this special time.

Constant Labour Support
​At the time of your labour, I will be there to constantly support your emotional and physical well-being as well as ensure your comfort needs are met in the hospital, at the birth centre or at your home. I will remain with you as much as you need. I will help you by recommending comfortable positions, giving massages and guiding breathing. I will help you decide when it is a good time to go to the hospital or to call your health care provider. I will also provide support to your other birth support persons throughout the labour process and at the time of delivery.

Once your baby is born I will stay for 1-3 hours postpartum to assist with your comfort and provide tips on how best to initiate breastfeeding. I can also make a record of any moment you wish, by taking photographs or videos of your new family.

Meeting your Baby

When your baby is about 1 week old, I will do a home visit (up to 3 hours) to talk about your birth experience as well as provide information about newborn care, nutrition and breastfeeding. I can also prepare a list of community resources that may be helpful to continue your journey into parenthood.


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