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Childbirth is all about opening and space. Prenatal yoga nurtures the soul, builds strength, flexibility and provides you with the tools that will help during labour, birth and beyond in your journey into motherhood. These are simple positions to learn and there are many benefits such as preventing physical discomforts and increasing the chances of a normal birth. 
Enjoy and learn 2 relaxing prenatal yoga sequences for mornings and evenings that you can continue practicing during your entire pregnancy.


$ 50 per class (Total 2 hours) or $ 120 per 3 classes (Total 6 hours)

Road to Labourland

Every family has different hopes for their birth.  Some want to experience a natural birth.  Others plan to get an epidural or other medication and want a knowledgeable support person with them at all times during the labour.
A successful birth is one in which the baby is healthy and the parents feel that they were supported to make the choices that were right for them throughout the process. These sessions will help you to navigate the roadmap to 'labourland' with confidence and feeling empowered.


$ 300 per 2 home visits (90 minutes per session)

Mindful Birth

Exercises to facilitate the use of hypnobirthing techniques to relax the mind to let the body work as nature intended through positive thinking, relaxation and visualization. These techniques are effective for alleviating fear and maintaining relaxation while coping with the physical discomfort of labour while helping to bond with the unborn baby.

$ 160 per home visit (Total 90 minutes)

Fertility Yoga

A yoga practice specially designed to help better manage life's challenges, get in tune with the body and to promote hormonal balance for women trying to get pregnant. This gentle practice of yoga positions strenghts self-confidence, reducing stress level and improves boby's ability to conceive.

$ 120 per class (Total  3 hours) 

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